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Why Your Garage Door Cannot Function Without a Functional Spring:

Your garage door is an indispensable part of your property. The device helps you in parking your garage door in a safe and secure environment, thus negating the risk of theft and burglary attempts.A sturdy and durable garage door springs installation is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that only people whom you authorize gain access to the garage area and subsequently your property.

Clearly the garage door is one of the most important household equipment that you’ll ever use as a homeowner, and you should take effective and concrete steps to ensure that all the parts, especially the ones that have a direct impact on the performance of the system are in functional condition at all times. One such device is the garage door spring.

You may ask what makes the garage door spring one of the most important components that comprise the mechanism of your garage door system. Well, the answer to this question lies in the role that the device plays while you’re operating your garage door.

Garage door springs use a counterbalance mechanism that supports the door against its weight while it is opening or closing. To sum it up the springs cushion the landing of your garage door and do not let them fall, thus helping you avoid accidents and injuries.

Your garage door springs, be it garage door torsion springs, or extensions springs work under constant stress. It is this pressure that makes these devices as one of the riskiest household equipment around. Mishandling these devices releases all the pent-up tension that can result in the garage door collapsing suddenly, thus causing serious injuries and even death in worst cases.

Garage door springs apart from being dangerous devices are also highly prone to malfunctions, especially if you operate your garage door multiple times a day. Replacing your garage door tension springs is an expert job, and you should not even attempt to take the DIY route.Any mistake, however, minor it may be can have serious repercussions and if you’re lucky enough you’ll escape with a few bruises and a high garage door torsion spring replacement cost.

We at Garage Door Repair, Temecula can bail you from this situation. We maintain an in-house team of specialists who’re capable of helping you out with garage doors spring replacement, torsion spring replacement, replacing broken torsion springs and broken extension springs. We troubleshoot other parts too some of which include broken rollers, safety cables, and frames.
You can also contact us to know the apt torsion spring replacement for your garage door that you should be using. We also deal in heavy duty springs for garage door, and our experts also carry garage door springs of different sizes to your location. Doing so helps in saving time as our experts will replace your malfunctioning springs with a new one according to the size of your garage door.

All our Experts are Adept Professionals:

We only hire adept professionals to be a part of our service team, those who have years of experience of providing support and troubleshooting services to homeowners. These experts handle a range of cases on a regular basis and also equip themselves with the tools necessary to execute the job.
Our technical experts keep on updating their knowledge base to make sure that they’re well aware of the best handling and troubleshooting practices. Application of this specific knowledge helps in keeping a tab on wastage.

We also invite you to shop with us. We provide a lifetime warranty on garage door springs, and you can contact our experts any time of the day in case you experience any problems with the operation of the garage door springs that we provide. We assure you of providing a solution to your problem on a priority basis to ensure your safety and well-being.
Contact our experts immediately if you’re still looking for answers to the question what to do if garage spring breaks. Our customer care representatives will guide you through the entire process and also educate you on safe and effective handling practices.

Looking for a 24/7 Service Provider? Contact us Today:

Our technical experts are available 24/7, 365 days a year to help you out with garage door spring replacement and other maintenance and garage door spring repair services. We provide effective services at surprisingly affordable rates to ensure that you get the components and services that you need and not only the ones that are within your grasp.
We also introduce discounts and offers at regular intervals to help you save big on cost of garage door broken spring repair. We have a healthy success rate and will provide you comprehensive services irrespective of whether you’re using a conventional garage door system or a contemporary model. We also understand that some issues need resolution immediately. In case, you’re experiencing any such problem we assure you of providing same day services.

How We Ensure Customer Satisfaction:

We provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to all our customers. We also make sure that our experts are available on call during general office hours as well as uneven and odd timings.
Our experts will also clean the work site before closing the project to ensure that you don’t have to face hassles when you try to operate your garage door.
Call us today to redeem your warranty on garage door springs or in case you need any help with your garage door springs or any other parts.